Sister Superior

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Sister Superior

On the 30th of December, a few years ago, my cousin sister passed away in a car accident. Since then, every Raksha Bandhan has been a painful reminder of how much I miss her. Well here's to you, sis. Hope heaven's got good tunes. For More Visit: Lyrics: Sister Superior, you've been gone for a while, I've been trying real hard to smile. I've been walking 'round sister, I've been feeling real low, Don't know what I know. And I hope, that you're happy. Oh I Hope, heaven's got good tunes. If I could, write a better story. Oh I would... Yeah I would. Sister Superior, I've been missing you so much, That I've been feeling out of touch, With the date and time. Try to forget you, But you've been holding on to my thoughts, Yeah sister, can't get you, can't get you out of my mind.

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